Finish The Job For the People

New York City Day of Action

Before the Senate left for August Recess, Senate Republicans blocked debate on voting rights legislation, despite overwhelming support for the bill among the American public, regardless of party.

The Senate is back in session on Sept. 13, and Majority Leader Schumer has declared that voting rights will be the first legislative priority. Whether the Freedom to Vote Act passes or is filibustered (again), we need a vote. This will be an important opportunity to move forward the fight to get big money out of politics, ensure our freedom to vote, and guarantee that congressional districts are drawn to give fair representation for all.

Join us on Friday, September 17th, as we ask Majority Leader Schumer and the Senate to act NOW to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

    • What: Finish The Job For the People NYC Day of Action
    • Where: Federal Hall, Manhattan
    • When: Friday, September 17th at 11 am