For The People

New York State’s groundbreaking new public campaign financing program is underway for its first election cycle. That’s a win for New York voters.

What's Going On & Why You Should Care

Megadonors, PACs, and other special interest groups accounted for nearly 70 percent of all candidate funds in 2022. Small donors were only 11 percent. New York State’s Public Campaign Finance program will counter this influence imbalance by matching the contributions of small donors at ratios up to 12-to-1, making everyday New Yorkers the most important source of campaign funding in the 2024 elections.


This historic program – the product of years of advocacy from New Yorkers across the state – finally launched in 2022. And this year, our state’s leaders stood up for the program once again with funding in the FY 2024 budget. These resources will keep the program on track for its historic first run and bring more voices into our democracy. And, at a time when voters nationwide are demanding solutions to the explosion of wealth in our politics, New York is showing the rest of the country how to push back and empower everyday voters.


This is just the beginning. We must keep urging our partners in government to support the Public Campaign Finance Program to ensure it fully delivers on its promise to give everyday voters a bigger say in the decisions that affect their lives. Together, we can work towards a fairer and more equitable election system for all New Yorkers.

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