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Tell Senator Schumer You Support The Freedom to Vote Act

What's Going On & Why You Should Care

The U.S. Senate is working on the Freedom to Vote Act, the most critical civil rights legislation of our time, which includes public financing to reduce the influence of big money in our nation’s elections. Chuck Schumer, our senior NY senator, is the Senate Majority Leader, and the person with the most power to get this bill passed.

This legislation would protect and expand our nation’s democracy at a time when it is under attack across the country by politicians seeking to bring back Jim Crow (efforts to suppress Black and brown voters) so they can preserve their power.

The Freedom to Vote Act will:

  • Expands democracy by making it easier to register to vote
  • Stops officials from using unreliable methods to purge the voter rolls
  • Makes it easier to vote early and by mail
  • Limits the influence of corporations and their wealth in politics
  • Prevent partisan gerrymandering (when politicians choose their voters instead of the other way around)
  • Improves the security of our elections to prevent foreign interference
  • Prevents voter intimidation
  • Promotes access to voting and eliminating barriers to voting
  • Restores voting rights to Americans disenfranchised due to a criminal conviction

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