Tell Your NY State Senator and Assembly Member To Fund the Public Financing System in THIS State Budget!

For decades we’ve fought against the influence of big donors in Albany: 

  • Real Estate giants who want big tax breaks while tenants get evicted 
  • Oil & gas companies that beat back regulation while our communities suffer from Climate Catastrophe 
  • Big health insurance firms that want our healthcare dollars while denying our families care  

After over two decades of grassroots organizing, campaigning and collaboration with legislative champions, we WON a statewide program that helps diminish special interests’ impact on our elections, the landmark New York State Public Campaign Finance Program.

This new program was enacted on November 9, 2022, for the current 2024 election cycle. Here are some of the things it does:

  • Puts the power in the hands of the people of New York
  • Helps candidates fund campaigns without depending on big donors
  • Encourages candidates to spend more time engaging with constituents

It’s a small donor public matching funds system with up to a $12-to-$1 match on the smallest contributions.  And New York City has had a successful public campaign finance system for decades!!

The system is up and running for all candidates for State Senate and Assembly. But some incumbent legislators are getting cold feet. They are used to the status quo.  They want to delay the system by not fully funding or refusing to fully fund the program in this year’s state budget. 

Meanwhile, a poll released February 27, 2023 showed that 70% of New York voters want elected officials to prioritize countering wealthy donors’ influence in politics. In every region of New York State, the majority of voters said they support the state’s public campaign financing program. And 62% of New York voters say lawmakers must give the state’s public campaign financing program sufficient funding. 

Albany needs to do the right thing by New Yorkers and fully fund this program!



What Should I Say?

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am [constituent OR concerned New Yorker].

As a member of the Fair Elections for New York coalition, I proudly support New York’s new small donor public financing program.

I am calling to ask [LEGISLATOR’S NAME] to honor the chamber’s commitment and fully fund small donor public campaign financing in the final budget on April 1. 

Let’s fund this system and give New Yorkers a fighting chance at democracy. Can I count on [LEGISLATOR’S NAME] to commit to this?

Thank you for your time!